Aaron’s Master Bathroom

Aaron’s Master Bathroom

Aaron's Master Bath Remodel

Check out the highlights of
our latest bathroom renovation project:

Preservation: We expertly removed the existing toilet for re-installation, ensuring no loss in quality or function.

Transformation: The removal of the tub, tub valve, three tiled walls, and soffit laid the groundwork for a stunning overhaul.

Comprehensive Upgrade: We handled the removal of the vanity, top, mirror, light bar, floor tile, and underlayment, providing a clean slate for the new design.

Modern Amenities: Our installation of a new customer-supplied light/fan with one switch enhances comfort and functionality.

Attention to Detail: We meticulously prepared the shower alcove for a convenient shampoo niche and installed a new shower valve with diverter for handheld use.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our team provided and installed tile backer board on three shower walls, followed by expert installation of ceramic wall tile and grout up to the ceiling.

Aesthetic Appeal: The addition of LVT floor tile, a vanity with top and faucet, and a medicine cabinet elevates the space’s visual appeal.

Custom Finishing Touches: We ensured proper height alignment of the medicine cabinet and installed customer-supplied light fixtures, along with LVT baseboard capped with Schluter trim.

Fresh Look: The walls and ceiling received a fresh coat of customer-supplied paint, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room.

Completion: To conclude, we re-installed the toilet and seat, ensuring every aspect of the renovation was seamlessly executed. Additionally, a sleek sliding shower door was installed, adding the final touch to this revitalized space.