Beyond the Curtain


Walls will divide us, but curtains hide so much more. Especially in the bathroom, and gosh darn it, we’re not having it! The newest remodel from all things TPKAB presents what a little retro and a little modern day can do to provide a beautiful visual trick. With the shower …


Bigger. Brighter.

What happens when you have the skills to rebuild something into a whole new image? You make room where there wasn’t any. …


Walk-In Shower

Nothing says freaking cool like a giant, walk-in shower. His and Hers sink help make a spacious bathroom look even more spacious.


The Mighty Mini Kitchen

Space is never an issue! Get everything you need in the space you have! “Before Pictures” for Comparison


Window to the World

Nothing like making a grand entrance into a grander entrance! Walking into the house brings you face to face with a wide …


Cherry with a Shot of Bourbon

Looking for that color that just freaking pops? Cherry wood cabinets with a touch of bourbon coloring combine with a unique backsplash …


Master Kitchen

The main part of an almost full floor remodel, the kitchen here presents a true “Master of all they survey” sensation. Two …


Bigger on the Inside Bathroom

Part of an almost full floor remodel, what looks like a hallway closet door reveals a full bathroom complete with shower and …


Entertaining Family Room

Part of a huge, almost full floor remodel, the Family Room provides a cozy area of rest, relaxation, and entertainment. Even better, …