Breaking Down Walls


There’s nothing quite like changing your view on life…or at least the living room. With a little help from our designers, you can remove a wall and open up the space between two rooms even if they aren’t on the same floor!


Stairs and Doors

Not all room doors need to be solid! Glass doors can create a grand entrance to any room in the house.


Corner Comforts

Nothing better than letting two people prep for the morning with everything in reach. A spacious, “curtain-less” shower balances out the other …


Maximizing Storage

Total remodels can also include inspiration on the job site, including how to properly create all new room in a pantry. Hidden …


Orange Delight

Space is never an issue when you want your bathroom to become something new.


Chalkboard Kitchen!

Have that one oddball wall that you don’t know what to do with? Turn it into a fully functional chalkboard for all …