Getting a Handle on Things

A simple bathroom with simple needs; hand rails were installed to assist in the getting in and out of the shower, and …


Through the Stained Glass

A bathroom remodel becomes even more exquisite when you add your own personal touches to the mix. This small bathroom was complimented …


An Antique Approach

Modern conveniences don’t need to look futuristic – you can create the perfect rustic view. 



A small bench next the door allows for a cute waiting area while you put on or take off your shoes. A …


A Touch of Grey

Amazing light fixtures can turn a room into something truly unique. An island with enough storage space for all your odds and …


When You’re On the Go

Now here’s a kitchen where your good side is always showing. A custom enlarged frame leads the front door right into the kitchen. …


Covering Every Angle

Who says bathrooms need to be square? Or rectangle? A free standing bathtub set below huge windows with “Top Down / Bottom” …


Beautifully Open

A wonderful upgrade with a better defined workspace while still keeping plenty of room for the children to run around in.


A Golden Touch

This is the second of two bathrooms in the same house. The colors of silver and gold used in each bathroom compliment …