Nancy and Duane’s Remodel: Bathroom with Style

Nancy and Duane’s Remodel: Bathroom with Style

Nancy and Duane's Bathroom Remodel

We had some exciting plans for their bathroom project, and we’re thrilled to share it with you:
We said goodbye to an old vanity, countertop, mirror, and light fixture. We whisked away the existing toilet. Out with the old tub, tub valve, three tiled walls, and soffit. And then we went to work…

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Spark Up the Electricity: Let there be light! We installed can lights over the vanity, and over the commode on two switches. We also made use of the natural light that the window would allow in. We also get rid of the old vent and sorted out a new one outside.

And we set them up with a brand-new fan, light, and heater all on one switch.

Tile Time: Say hello to ceramic wall tiles in a subway pattern on the shower walls, all the way up to the ceiling. We also decked out the rest of the walls with ceramic tiles in a standard square pattern. And for the floor? How about some snazzy plank ceramic tiles in a standard layout?

Prepping the Shower Scene: We added a shampoo niche and two grab bars. Oh, and added a floating seat. We also installed a new shower valve and laid down tile backer on the floor.

Fixing Fixtures: We popped in the new vanity, countertop, faucet, mirror, and light fixtures. Plus, we trimmed it all off with floor tiles and Schluter trim around the edges. And of course, we painted the walls and ceiling with the colors our clients picked out, giving it two coats for that extra oomph.

Finishing Touches: Last but not least, we’ll install the toilet, shower faucet trim, towel bars, toilet paper holder. And for that extra splash protection, we threw in a shower shield.