Pam’s Remodel: a Powder Room, Hall Bath, and Master Bath

Pam’s Remodel: a Powder Room, Hall Bath, and Master Bath

Pam's Master Bathroom remodel by Tinley Park Kitchen & Bath Shoppe

We were happy to have Pam’s bathroom projects come to life! Here’s a rundown of all the fantastic work we’ve completed:

The Powder Room

We were thrilled to have successfully transformed Pam’s bathroom! Here’s a rundown of what we’ve accomplished:

  1. Out with the Old:
    • Removed the old toilet and pedestal sink.
    • Bid farewell to the existing floor tiles and underlayment.
  2. Made Way for the New:
    • Rerouted ductwork to ensure optimal functionality.
    • Removed drywall and trim up to the ceiling.
  3. Plumbing and Electrical Moves:
    • Reconfigured supply and drain lines for the vanity, complete with new shut-off valves for convenience.
    • Adjusted electrical setups for LED lighting and fan controls, including installing dimmer switches and connecting everything seamlessly.
  4. Upgraded Fixtures:
    • Replaced the exhaust fan to keep things fresh.
    • Installed the framework for a sleek pocket door after prepping the entry wall.
  5. Ensured Comfort:
    • Added soundproof insulation to all walls, because peace and quiet matter.
    • Installed drywall on all walls up to the ceiling for a clean, fresh start.
  6. Brought in Style:
    • Installed mosaic floor tiles in a stylish offset pattern.
    • Set up the vanity base and faucet, ready to make a statement.
    • Had our fabricator work their magic on the quartz top with an undermount sink.
  7. Put on the Finishing Touches:
    • Installed the LED mirror and adjusted lighting with the dimmer switch.
    • Added prefinished baseboard and casing for that polished look.
    • Welcomed in the new toilet and all accompanying accessories.
      • Also, did we mention that the toilet paper holder actually doubles as a pull bar? Fashion and Function in one!
    • Gave the walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint in your chosen colors, with two coats for that perfect finish.

The Hallway Bathroom

Hey there! We’re excited to share that your bathroom renovation project is all wrapped up, and we’re thrilled with the results! Here’s a recap of what we accomplished:

LED light mirror with touch function
  1. Out with the Old, Ready for the New:
    • Removed the existing toilet carefully, saving it for reinstallation later.
    • Bid farewell to the pedestal sink, medicine cabinet, and lights, making way for fresh updates.
    • Demolished the shower alcove walls, shower base, and plumbing, with preparations made for potential niches in the insulated exterior wall and new mosaic tile on the shower floor.
  2. Preparing the Space:
    • Removed baseboard and tile flooring, including one layer of flooring and underlayment.
    • Removed drywall and trim throughout the room up to the ceiling, with the ceiling remaining intact.
  3. Plumbing and Electrical Adjustments:
    • Relocated the supply and drain for the vanity, installing ¼ turn brass shut-off valves for added convenience.
    • Raised electrical outlets to a minimum height of 40″.
    • Relocated the electrical box for the LED light in the mirror and installed a dimmer switch, ensuring optimal functionality.
  4. Building and Installation:
    • Provided and installed drywall on all walls to the ceiling, including reframing and drywalling the laundry chute, with the cap.
    • Framed glass blocks on the wall with drywall / tile.
    • Installed new shower valves according to our design, built a threshold for the shower area, and installed tile backer on shower walls.
    • Installed mosaic tile floor in the shower area and ceramic and border tile in a subway pattern on the shower walls to the ceiling.
    • Installed ceramic floor tile and grout in the bathroom in a standard or offset pattern.
    • Installed the vanity base and faucet, along with the LED mirror and dimmer switch.
  5. Finishing Touches:
    • Had our fabricator install the vanity top with an undermount sink.
    • Installed tiled base, reinstalled the toilet, and installed all accessories.
    • Painted the walls and ceiling with customer-provided paint, ensuring a smooth finish with two coats.

The Master Bathroom

We’re delighted to share the successful completion of your bathroom project! Here’s a summary of what we achieved:

  1. Out with the Old, In with the New:
    • Removed the existing toilet, vanity cabinet, vanity top, and linen cabinet, carefully saving items for reinstallation where applicable.
    • Removed the floor tile, ensuring a clean slate for the transformation.
  2. Making Space for Renovation:
    • Demolished the alcove walls, tub enclosure walls, tub, and plumbing, with the glass block window remaining intact.
    • Removed tiled walls behind and around the toilet.
  3. Plumbing and Structural Adjustments:
    • Replaced shut-off valves for the vanity and toilet with new ¼ turn brass units.
    • Prepared the tub/shower alcove for grab bars and niches, ensuring functionality and accessibility.
    • Installed new tub/shower valves and acrylic tub, connecting to existing plumbing and drains.
  4. Wall and Floor Preparations:
    • Prepared walls around the toilet for drywall installation, patching, sanding, and priming.
    • Installed tile backer on tub/shower walls and bathroom floor for added durability.
    • Installed customer-provided ceramic tile and grout on tub/shower walls and bathroom floor.
  5. Adding Finishing Touches:
    • Built a 2×4 base for the vanity to raise it 1.5″.
    • Painted walls and ceiling with customer-provided paint for a fresh look.
    • Reinstalled the vanity base, trim, linen cabinet, and saved toilet with a new tank lever.
    • Had our fabricator measure and install the new vanity top and sink.
    • Connected drain and supply lines to the new vanity top and installed the faucet.
    • Installed customer-supplied wood baseboard to the bathroom perimeter.
    • Completed the project by installing all accessories, ensuring every detail was perfect.