Beyond the Curtain


Walls will divide us, but curtains hide so much more. Especially in the bathroom, and gosh darn it, we’re not having it! The newest remodel from all things TPKAB presents what a little retro and a little modern day can do to provide a beautiful visual trick.

With the shower in the back half of the bathroom, the curtain’s closed position quite literally cuts the visual space in half. The centered light fixture doesn’t help the claustrophobia either.

Using a vintage style hexagonal floor tile lead into a now glass door encased shower provides an amazing perspective shift; not only do you now always see the true back of the room, but the floor tile creates a greater landscape for the eyes to look over. Moving the lights to the sink-side wall also opens up vertical space.

The result? A bathroom that looks huge in any lighting, or time of day. Check out the comparison shots for the lighting aspects above, and then how much we changed from the ‘before’ pictures below.

The only question that remains is it time for your bathroom’s curtain call?